• Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hi All,

We have further improved our mail features; all customer emails are now being relayed to ensure no emails are being blocked by recipients using other mail providers.

This will ensure that all your emails, providing that it isn’t SPAM of any kind will be delivered without any hiccups!

We have taken the time to re-evaluate the costs for this service and we have decided that we are unable to provide such a service ‘free-of-charge’.

28 days from receiving this email, you will now be charged per mailbox based on storage, details are below:

50p/pm (Predicted) for 100MB Mailbox (Basic)

£1.00/pm (Predicted) for 500mb E-Mail Mailbox (Basic+)

£1.75/pm (Predicted) per 1GB E-Mail Mailbox (Standard)

£2.50/pm (Predicted) per 2GB E-Mail Mailbox (Business)

£3.25/pm (Predicted) per 3GB E-Mail Mailbox (Premium Business)

Any mailbox size that Isn’t stated will require further investigation, requiring a custom quote depending on the needs you require.