• Sunday, November 19, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the client login issue through to your client portal has now been fixed! You are now able to manage your online services again!

With that we have rolled out a new and improved updated security system which will scan and eliminate any viruses found within your websites. Our team will be working more and more on our security systems to help maintain a virus-free and fully secure hosting environment.

Over the next few months we will also be investigating new ways of improving several of our features such as:

  • Mail systems
  • Backups
  • CDN intergration 
  • Cluster based servers
  • File browser
  • One-click install library
  • Website builders
  • Traffic monitors and statistics
  • SSL autoinstall
  • Easy migration services
  • & More!
We will also be looking further into improving our windows based servers based on feedback recieved.